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Can I Use My Cell Phone to Complete My Online Training?

This is one of the questions we frequently get asked. Here is a short video that gives you the right answer.


My name is Diane, and I am here today to answer a question that we are frequently asked here at Cornerstone Healthcare Training.

And that question is - "can I use my cell phone to complete your online training?"

And the answer is YES!

For almost all of our classes and processes, you can use your cell phone or a tablet. But, there are a few things that you must have a computer for, but not very many.

So, for our proctored exams, which we just have a few classes that have proctored exams, cell phones and tablets are not compatible with the software required for that.

We also have a few live virtual classes that you must also use a computer for. But, for the most part, it's super convenient to use your phone or a tablet that you carry with you, and you can log into your account for just a few minutes whenever you have some extra time.

Even if you're working and you're on a break, you can log in for five or ten minutes. Whenever you stop, whatever you're doing in the training, your work will be saved. The next time you log in, you'll be right where you left off.

So, the answer is - yes, you can use your cell phone for almost all of it.

If you do have an account with us and you are registered and you're wondering if your particular class or exam is cell phone compatible, you can just give us a call at 206-673-2919 and you can text us at that number.

So, hope that helped you for today. I'll be back with more tips and tricks on the Cornerstone training soon.

Bye for now.


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