HCA Training Certificate



With Cornerstone, you can get your HCA training online. This gives you a chance to complete the training part of your home care aide certification in your own time and at your own pace. 

The HCA Training Certificate is a 75-hour basic training course approved by the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS). Your HCA training certificate is a part of obtaining your full HCA certification.

Cornerstone HCA course online offers self-paced training modules and an online virtual skills section. You can do your entire HCA training online, without wasting time on your commute.

HCA certification is required for all long-term care workers (LTCWs) in the State of Washington. LTCWs include caregivers and sometimes activities and transport personnel who work in residential care settings.


Residential care settings are assisted living facilities (ALF), adult family homes (AFH), and home-care agencies. LTCWs also include individual providers (IPs) through the DSHS COPES Program.


The HCA Training Certificate must be completed 120 days after hire. Proof of completion must be submitted with your HCA Application to take the WA State HCA Certification Examination.


You may achieve a 75-hr HCA Training Certificate in two ways:

  1. Purchase and complete one of our six online HCA Learning Plans.

  2. Purchase and complete every required HCA online course individually.

HCA Training Requirements

The required training is made up of three focus areas: 







Orientation and Safety Training gives you a solid foundation on how to provide personal care and protect the health and safety of yourself and your clients.

Approved Course:

OS101 | Orientation and Safety Training (5 hrs) - $20


Included in HCA Learning Plans:  

HCA Learning Plan 1 - $664

HCA Learning Plan 2 - $533

HCA Learning Plan 5 - $428



Core Basic Training discusses the expectations of home care aides through interactive instruction, common client scenarios, and skills practice.

It is broken into two different sections - the self-paced modules CB101-113 and CB200, the 100% online, virtual skills lab course, plus one final exam.

The CB200 online skills lab provides video demonstrations for 19 skills you will need to be able to perform. You will watch our training video for each skill and then record yourself performing the skill.


Once you have completed your recording, you will then upload your video for review. Instructors will review your video carefully and provide detailed feedback to help you with your studies.


Approved Courses:

CB101 | Introduction + The Client (3 hrs) - $15

CB102 | Person-Centered Care (3 hrs) - $15

CB103 | Communication (3 hrs) - $15

CB104 | Client Rights (3 hrs) - $15

CB105 | Caregiver Responsibilities (3 hrs) - $15

CB106 | Infection Control + Food Handling (3 hrs) - $15

CB107 | Infectious Diseases (3 hrs) - $15

CB108 | Mobility + Skin Care (3 hrs) - $15

CB109 | Body Care (3 hrs) - $15

CB110 | Nutrition (3 hrs) - $15

CB111 | The Process of Elimination (3 hrs) - $15

CB112 | Medications + Self-Directed Care (3 hrs) - $15

CB113 | Self-Care + Grief and Loss (3 hrs) - $30

CB114 | Review + Final Exam (3 hrs) - $0

CB200 | Virtual Skills Labs - $198


Included in HCA Learning Plans:

HCA Learning Plan 1 - $664

HCA Learning Plan 2 - $553

HCA Learning Plan 3 - $644

HCA Learning Plan 4 - $533

HCA Learning Plan 5 - $428

HCA Learning Plan 6 - $408



You can think of this HCA training requirement as similar to “college electives” as there are a variety of courses you can take to make up your 12-hour minimum requirement.


Only certain courses are approved for Population Specific training so be sure to confirm that the course(s) you choose to meet this requirement.


If you have questions about which courses to take for your Population Specific component of this training, be sure to let us know.


Approved Courses:

CC401 | Mental Health Level 1 (8 hrs) - $118

CC402 | Dementia Level 1 (8 hrs) - $118

CC404 | Nurse Delegation (9 hrs) - $70

CC405 | Nurse Delegation Focus on Diabetes (3 hrs) - $55


Included in HCA Learning Plans: 

HCA Learning Plan 1 - $664

HCA Learning Plan 2 - $553

HCA Learning Plan 3 - $644

HCA Learning Plan 4 - $533


If you have questions about your application or general HCA credentialing questions, please contact the Department of Health Home Care Aide Call Center at 1 (360) 236-4700.