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Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions

  • I finished the module but I can’t go on to the quiz. What should I do?
    Send us a text message to (206)673-2919 or email us to let us know. Sometimes this happens when web browsers update, so we also recommend you clear your browser cache and cookies and try a different browser if that doesn’t fix the problem! Firefox, Edge and Safari all tend to work pretty well.
  • How to start my proctored exam?
  • I just passed my proctored exam, where is my certificate?
    Keep an eye on your email inbox! The exams have to be cleared through our system before the certificate goes out which can take some time. As soon as your certificate is released you will get an email with the certificate attached.
  • I failed my proctored exam twice. What do I need to do next?
    You will need to take the class over again before you get 2 more tries at the exam. Please, send us an email and we can get this process started for you. We also offer exam coaching over the phone, so let us know if you’d like one of our instructors to give you a call to talk about what you missed on the exam!
  • How do I find and download my certificates?
    Here is a video that will show you where to look for your certifiates and how to download them:
  • My name is wrong on my certificate. Can you fix it?
    Yes! Send an email with the correct information to We will correct your certificate and email you an updated version.
  • How do I know if I passed?
    Please keep an eye on your email inbox while you’re working on these videos! Our instructors leave you detailed feedback with every video you submit. These comments go to your email and are available in the skills lab course online too. To find the comments online: - open the skills lab course - scroll down until you see the assignment - click the green box for comments on the right side. If you can’t find the comments, please reach out to us for help!
  • Why do I have to do my video over again?
    If you leave out a safety step or do something in your video that could cause harm or risk harm to your client or yourself, we will give detailed feedback about why this is important and ask you to resubmit it. We could also send it back if you miss too many steps along the way in your video, so please make sure you are keeping track of the steps to follow. Almost everyone has to resubmit a few videos along the way, so please don’t take it personally! Our goal is to help you care for clients safely and pass the state exam - there are specific things they will be looking for when you test, so we require those steps as well. If it helps, you can always write a notecard for yourself to help you remember what to do, especially in the longer and more complicated skills. You can use notes or online resources during the filming process since this is just training to get you to the state test. The state exam will have to be from memory.
  • How do I upload my video?
    1. Take a video on your phone or computer. 2. Open the assignment in your skills lab page. 3. Scroll to the bottom 4. Click “Upload”. 5. Find and click on the video. 6. Wait for it to upload - this will happen automatically but could take some time. 7. Press “Submit” after the file has uploaded and you’re done!
  • Do I have to wait for my video to be graded before I upload another one?
    No. You can upload as many videos at a time as you like, but you can’t submit your video until you have finished watching the demonstration video first. We recommend that you start by uploading the first few skills videos and then wait for our feedback to make sure you have it right to save yourself some time. If there are mistakes this gives you a chance to correct them before you do the rest.
  • What if I don’t have another person to work with?
    Please click here to check out the flyer with some ideas (approved by DSHS) about acceptable alternatives for some skills. However, there are 5 skills that do require another person because it’s not possible to demonstrate properly alone - skills 1, 2, 4, 8, and 9. If you are not able to find a friend, family member or coworker to assist you, please submit all videos except for these, then email the grading team at We can set up a video chat for you to demonstrate these to the best of your ability and go over the skill expectations with an instructor live. After that meeting is over the instructor will pass you on the assignment and leave a comment with any notes for you to remember.
  • What do I do if I don’t have dentures/other supplies?
    If you don’t have dentures, you can use a retainer, lid for a jar, or other small round item. You can get creative here!
  • How long until you grade my assignment?
    It depends on how many videos have been submitted! We have over 1000 students actively working on their skills program right now, but usually we are able to get your videos graded within a few hours. If it’s been 2 or more days and your video still isn’t graded, please send us an email to and we will check it out. Grading hours are daily 7am-7pm, excluding holidays. Any videos submitted outside of these hours will be graded during the next grading period.
  • Do I need to pretend there’s a client for gloves or hand washing?
    Not for the first two videos - those are only so we can make sure you have proper procedure for washing your hands and using disposable gloves. After these two you will have a “client” and you should interact with them as we demonstrate in the example videos.
  • I never got my skills kit in the mail. What should I do?
    Send an email with your name and mailing address to!
  • How do I sign up for a date?
    There are step-by-step directions in the “step 1 of 3” course on your dashboard. After you look at that, go back to the main course, scroll down and click the second assignment. That’s where you submit your request in the text box. Keep an eye on your emails for the confirmation when it comes through!
  • What do I need to do before class?
    Make sure that you have the necessary equipment and that everything is working correctly. If you have not taken a virtual class before, feel free to reach out to us via text or email to set up a time with our tech support staff to make sure everything is working before the day of class.
  • What equipment do I need for virtual classes?
    A computer with a working webcam and microphone, and a quiet space where you can sit and participate through the whole class. This is not a class you can do while driving or doing things around the house, so please plan ahead so you can give it your attention.
  • Why do I have to register early?
    DSHS requires us to provide you with a hard copy of the workbook for these virtual courses. We close registration 10 days before class so you have enough time to get that workbook in the mail so you can have it for class.
  • I never got the workbook for class in the mail. What should I do?
    Please, send us an email to If it is the day of or the day before class, the workbook won’t get to you in time, so please click the link in the virtual classroom course to download the workbook. This is on the same page where you would click the link to join the class from your dashboard. If you can’t find it we can email you a digital copy!
  • I can’t get into class and it’s happening today. What should I do?
    As long as it is before 8:10 am, you can text our phone number for help. We have tech support available via text message *only* after 7am for the virtual classes. If you don’t reach out or we aren’t able to help resolve it before 8:10, we’ll help you get rescheduled for a different class and set aside some time to work with you to make sure your equipment works for next time.
  • I just took a class for the second time but I don’t see my exam. What should I do?
    Please email or text us! We have to open your test again on our side; this is not an automatic process.

Have a question that didn’t make it to the list? Reach out to our team!

Phone/text: (206)673-2919

Office hours for phones: Monday-Friday 9 am-5 pm

Texting lines monitored 7 am-7 pm daily (excluding holidays)

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