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Cornerstone Partner Services

Real-Time Training Compliance Management Simplified 

What is it?

Cornerstone Partner Services is your opportunity to finally take control of caregiver training management through a suite of easy-to-use tools and enhancements that significantly improve your ability to offer high-quality caregiver training, become a training authority, manage training progress in real-time, and remain in compliance with state-mandated caregiver training requirements.

How does it work?

Review and choose the services that best meet your specific needs. 

Popular Partner Services

Partner Insights
Partner Portal
Content Leasing
Full Tech Support for Admins
Dedicated Support Phone Number (includes SMS)
Access Real-Time Student Progress Data
Custom Automated Reporting
Custom Notifications for Students & Admins
Capture Custom Student Data
Create Custom Courses
Create Employee and Customer Surveys
eCommerce Features
Virtual Skills for HCA Learning Plans
Live Virtual Classes
Custom Co-Branded Training Portal
Full Tech Support for Students
Discounted Course Pricing

Who is it for?

Partner Insights - For employers who want real-time access to student training data, easier tracking of student progress, and custom reports & notification capabilities.

*Create Custom Courses - Cornerstone can work with you to develop and deliver custom course content for your caregivers and staff.

Partner Portal - Designed for employers and professional training providers who want turn-key access to becoming an online training authority, all without having to build an LMS, create course content, or provide technical support

*Live Virtual Classes - Partner Portal customers can create and deliver their own live-virtual classes. Cornerstone instructors and support not included. Integrated live delivery software, such as Zoom, not included.

Content Leasing - Designed for employers and professional training providers who already have an LMS and want to deliver Cornerstone course content in their own system.

Why Cornerstone?

Cornerstone has been conveniently training caregivers online since 2010. We are known for our outstanding service and support team, our easy to navigate course delivery infrastructure, course approval by DSHS, and more.

Let's discuss your needs so you can begin training your staff easily and confidently, saving you time, effort, and money.

Let's chat! 

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