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Billing and Refund Policy



Cornerstone Healthcare Training offers the opportunity to invoice organizations employing fifteen(15) or more caregivers. Please contact our office by calling: 206-673-2919 or emailing: to request a billing account or speak with a representative regarding any questions you may have.


Training registration requests for organizations that have been approved for billing will be invoiced in full upon registration of the course(s), not completion. All charges incurred will be made payable to Cornerstone Healthcare Training via invoices where payment is due upon receipt. All unpaid invoices exceeding forty-five(45) days from the date of generation will constitute a breach of contract and course access for all of your organization’s students will be subject to immediate suspension.


Organizations with established billing accounts should use the Training Request form located here to request course registrations for their caregivers.





  • There is no charge for unopened courses that are canceled within fourteen(14) days of registration, all tuition fees paid or billed are fully refundable (except a $15 Skills Lab Kit fee where applicable).

    • Cornerstone Healthcare Training will refund all money paid if Purchaser cancels within fourteen(14) days following enrollment provided the student has not opened their courses.

    • NOTE: For those enrolled in Core Basic, there is a non-refundable fee of $15 for the Skills Lab Kit that is mailed to the student upon registration.



  • Cornerstone Healthcare Training will retain an established registration fee equal to ten(10) percent of the total tuition cost, or $100, whichever is less, if Purchaser cancels more than fourteen(14) days following enrollment, but not more than eighty-nine(89) days following enrollment, and the student has not opened or begun their course(s). A “registration fee” is any fee charged by Cornerstone Healthcare Training to process student applications and establish a student record system.

  • If training is terminated after the student has opened and started training, Cornerstone Healthcare Training will retain the registration fee plus a percentage of the total tuition as articulated within the following table:


NOTE: CB200 Virtual Skills Labs - Once a student has submitted their first skill video and it has been graded, this course will be considered ‘Completed’ within the framework of our refund policy. All other courses will not count as ‘Completed’ courses within the framework of this policy until the student has fully finished the course.




  • No refunds will be granted ninety(90) days after the original enrollment date irregardless of the student’s course status - no exceptions.

  • CB200 Skills Lab Kit Fee:

    • Upon registration, students will be mailed a “Skills Kit” that will include supplies needed for practice that are not commonly found household items.

    • The $15 cost of kit materials and shipping is included in the tuition for the CB200 course. This $15 fee is non-refundable and will be deducted from any refund owed to Purchaser relating to the CB200 course. 

    • Any requests for replacement kits will incur an additional $15 charge.

  • Course fees are non-transferable.

    • Cornerstone Healthcare Training is required to keep detailed records on each enrolled student and a clear payment history is part of that requirement. Training fees paid cannot be transferred to a new student/employee. Upon request, Cornerstone Healthcare Training will disclose any training fees paid. This process is enforced to ensure transparency and ethics as required by the WorkForce Board of Washington.








All courses expire one year (365 days) from the original registration date.


Organizations employing less than fifteen(15) caregivers must pay by credit card at the time of registration utilizing the self-registration option within our online classroom.


Cornerstone has no financial agreements in place with the individual caregivers. We will not bill individual students.


Caregivers who have questions about employer-sponsored course registrations should check with their employer about their specific policies as Cornerstone has no access or knowledge of policies or agreements between employers and caregivers.


Caregivers who enroll in courses independently of an employer must pay by credit or debit card in advance for their course purchases.


We cannot bill for individual Core Basic modules. If you wish to purchase Core Basic modules individually you will need to use the self-registration option within the Catalog and pay by credit/debit card.




Every effort has been given to make our classes affordable and easy to access.


If for any reason you do not have a credit card or the ability to make a payment through our online system, please contact our office and we will make arrangements for you to send a check, money order, or pay via PayPal.


If you are not currently employed, we encourage you to reach out to employers in your community. Demand for caregivers is high and many LTC providers subsidize training costs or offer reimbursement programs.




At this time, we do not offer placement assistance though you may contact us at any time to discuss what openings or opportunities we may be aware of.


We also encourage students and employers to post employment opportunities and/or seeking employment ads on our Facebook page.

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