HCA Learning Plan 2b

Cornerstone Healthcare Training and Conclave offering Brand-New, Onsite, In-Person Skills Labs

You asked and we answered - Let's get back to hands-on caring

Cornerstone Healthcare Training has partnered with Conclave Healthcare Training to enhance our DSHS approved HCA training program with high-quality in-person skills training. 

  • Get back to in-person, face-to-face skills training

  • Do what we do best by delivering hands-on caregiving

  • Return to human engagement while you learn skills

  • Conveniently register for a weekday as well as weekend onsite training in Spokane, WA

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This plan includes the following courses:

OS101 | Orientation and Safety
CB100 | Core Basic Training
CC404 | Nurse Delegation
CC405 | Nurse Delegation Focus on Diabetes


2-Day In-Person Skills Training in Spokane, WA

How Does It Work?

Once you register to our HCA Learning Plan, you will get your own login details for your student account.

The first thing you need to do is to go through the Student Guide, which will explain our training in detail.

After that, you can start with your self-paced online learning path. As part of the Core Basic Courses, you will have access to the Live Skills Labs Step 1 course.


There will be an assignment there for you to schedule your Live Skills Labs in Spokane. You can open this course and schedule your session even before completing any of the other core basic courses, in fact, we recommend it!

Once you pick your dates, our staff will save your spot for the desired dates and keep track of your attendance. When you attend both Skills Labs days, the Skills Labs part of your training will be marked complete.

Keep in mind these important things:

  • You DON’T have to wait to finish your self-paced Core Basic training to do your Skills Labs. You can do them whenever you like.

  • Live Skills are held ONLY in Spokane and you need to register for them in advance

  • You can choose between weekend or weekday dates for your Skills Labs

Once you finish all your HCE Learning Plan courses and the Skills Labs, you will receive your 75hr HCA Training Certificate.

If you are an existing Cornerstone client, and you have a billing account, you can still register for HCA Learning Plan 2b using the Employer Registration Form, just like you always do.

How to Register?

Click the image below and register directly from our course page:

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Find out when the Skills Labs take place: