HCA Learning Plan 1

This learning plan fully satisfies DSHS requirements for the 75-hr HCA training certification. It is 100% online caregiver training.

This plan consists of:

  • OS101 | Orientation and Safety

  • CB100 | Core Basic Training

  • CC401 | Mental Health Level 1

  • CC402 | Dementia Level 1

HCA Learning Plan 1 is the best online HCA training for caregivers working in an assisted living facility (ALF) or an adult family home (AFH) with no previous caregiver training.


It is essential for those caregivers who provide care to clients living with a mental illness or dementia. (About Specialty Training)

How Does It Work?

Once you register to our HCA Learning Plan, you will get your own login details for your student account.

The first thing you need to do is to go through the Student Guide, which will explain your online caregiver training in detail.

After that, you can start with your self-paced HCA training online. As part of the Core Basic Courses, you will have access to the Virtual Skills Labs.

Once you finish all your HCE Learning Plan courses and the Virtual Skills Labs, you will receive your 75hr HCA Training Certificate.

If you are an existing Cornerstone client, and you have a billing account, you can still register for HCA Learning Plan 1 using the Employer Registration Form, just like you always do.

How to Register?

Click the image below and register directly from our course page: