Emergency Ruling Makes Nurse Delegation Available Faster for New Caregivers

Updated: Jul 12

There is more and more demand for long-term care workers who can perform nurse delegated tasks. As of March 14, it is possible to get nurse delegated even before completing your Core Basic caregiver training.

What Changed?

Until March 14, 2022, caregivers were required to complete their Core Basic training and get their state HCA certification before qualifying for Nurse Delegation. This is what it says in WACs 246-840-930 and 246-841-405.

However, the Department of Health decided to bring some emergency rules in an attempt to allow more long-term workers to perform nurse delegated tasks and to offset the lack of such caregivers. The new rule is filed as WSR 22-07-046 and it says that you can get nurse delegated before completing your Core Basic caregiver training.

What Does It Mean for Caregivers and Their Employers?

At this point, this Emergency Rule can help owners of long-term care facilities and home care agencies to get more of their caregivers nurse-delegated and provide their clients with a higher level of care. Getting an HCA certification can take a long time with 75 hours of training required before testing, which can take weeks to schedule.

In many cases, employers can find it challenging to provide nurse delegation training for their caregivers quickly enough to respond to the rising demand for skilled workers. Now, since Core Basic training isn’t necessary to be nurse delegated, this process can go much faster. As a result, owners and managers will be able to provide new clients with the necessary medical care faster than before.

How Long Will This Last?

At this point, there is no way to tell how long these rules will last. Given that this is an emergency ruling, it may be canceled at any time. Therefore, it is advisable to get your caregivers trained for delegation soon, even if they haven't completed their basic training courses.

How to Get Nurse Delegated?

The fastest and the most efficient way to get nurse delegated is to complete our online nurse delegation course with a proctored exam. Cornerstone Healthcare Training is the only training provider in Washington state that is DSHS approved to offer Nurse Delegation 100% online, in a self-paced format.